Archival Producer/Reversions Producer

  • The Proof is Out There (30×30) – The History Channel – archival content producer
  • Killer Snakes (1×60) air 2021, NG Wild and Global – archival natural history special
  • World’s Weirdest Snakes (1×60), air 2020, NG Wild and Global – archival natural history
  • Regime of the Queen (1×60), air 2019, NG Wild and Global – archival natural history
  • Emergency 24/7 (10×60), air 2015, Discovery Life, medical program
  • World’s Worst Mom (13×30), air 2015, Discovery Life, lifestyle program
  • Body Bizarre (10×60), air 2015, Discovery Life medical program

 Producer/Coordinating Producer

  • Explorer: Journey to Europa (1×60), air 2019, NGC – space program update
  • Monster Snakes (1×60), air 2018, NG Wild and Global – archival natural history
  • Chilean Mine Rescue (1×60), air 2011, Smithsonian Channel Special *Awarded Fall 2011 Cine “Golden Eagle”
  • Man, Cheetah, Wild (1×120), air 2013, Discovery Channel, natural history program
  • Penguins: Waddle All the Way (1×120), 2013, Discovery Channel, *Nominated 2014 News & Doc Emmy
  • Dude, You’re Screwed (7×60), air 2013, Discovery Channel, reality/survival program

Field Producer/Associate Producer

  • Stalked: Someone’s Watching, 2 eps, air 2013, Investigation Discovery
  • Nightmare Next Door, 2 eps, air 2012, Investigation Discovery
  • Alien Deep with Bob Ballard (5×60) air 2011, National Geographic Channel, Event Series
  • Explorer: Journey to an Alien Moon, (1×60) air 2010, National Geographic Channel, science program *Nominated 2011 News & Doc Emmy
  • Explorer: Inside Death Row, (1×60) air 2009, National Geographic Channel, prison program, *Awarded TV Academy Honors
  • Explorer: Science of Testosterone (1×60) air 2008, National Geographic Channel, science program 
  • Explorer: Science of Dogs, (1×60) air 2007, National Geographic Channel, science program

Things To Know

I am a collaborator by nature and would love to schedule some time to meet – even if you aren’t sure what services you need. 

I specialize in non-fiction and archival content, and have also worked in development and writing. 

Feel free to schedule a “coffee” on Zoom and talk through how we can work together.  




  • Chair, Capital Region of Producers Guild of America 2017-present
  • BA. Communication, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.
  • Experienced with Adobe Creative Suite including Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop
  • Proficient with project tracking software including Airtable, Quip, and ScheduALL